Malabar Nirmana Thozhilali Co-Operative Society Ltd.

The mntcs was formed to serve the members to meet their financial needs and has been always trying to introduce innovative policies, schemes and loan plans to meet various requirements of the members.

About Us

The Malabar Nirmana Thozhilali Co-Operative Society Limited No.D2978, one of the well performed Co-Operative Societies of Malabar region was registered vide registration number D2978 on 10.10.2012 with its registered office at Mathara, Kunnathupalam,Guruvayoorappan Collgege PO, Kozhikode 673014 and started its operations on 30.10.2012. The society was formed to serve the members to meet their financial needs and has been always trying to introduce innovative policies, schemes and loan plans to meet the various requirements of our members.

In the begining, the name of the society was Kozhikode Taluk Nirmana Thozhilali Co-Operative society Ltd. No.D2978 (Area of operation was limited to Kozhikode Taluk) registered under section 8 of Kerala Co-Operative societies act 1969 (Act 21 of 1969). In the year 2014 the bye law was amended and the Kozhikode Taluk Nirmana Thozhilali Co-Operative society Ltd. was renamed as Malabar Nirmana Thozhilali Co-Operative Society Limited No. D2978, there by incrasing its area of operations.

The main objectives of the Society under the Co-Operative Societies Act are to raise fund from members and non-members and finance to its memebers as Short Term Loan, Medium Term Loan etc. for various purposes such as Consumer/ Consumption/ Vehicle/ Housing/ Education/ Industrial/ business etc.. We ensure that Our Interest rate for deposits are higher than commercial banks and we provide additional 1/2 % interest to Senior Citizen. All the deposits in our society are insured and we are the member of Kozhikode clearing centre of RBI. We have a Simple and Easy procedure for Loan disbursement.

The Society makes itself different from others is mainly by it is customer friendly policies and approaches, keeping in mind that customer satisfaction is the core of every business and enterprise. Our motto is to understand requirements of customers and fulfill it by properly planning our deposit schemes and loan plans and execute it through our customer friendly staff and directors in line with Co-Operative Ideology & Principles. We understand that the success of every organization mainly depends on the attitude of its employees and we have taken all care in recruiting, training and guiding the staff to become dedicated and loyal and we are fortunate to have such a team with us.

We aim to become a leading organization in the Co-Operative segment and to be the backbone of the Nirmana Thozhilali mekhala of Malabar region through our efficient and professional management of the society. We are committed to function as a profitable and socially responsible organization ensuring superior service to its members by providing best return for their investment.

Membership and Capital:

The sanctioned authorised capital of the Society at present is Rs.10,19,00000 crores, out of which Rs.10,00,00,000 from 1,00,000 A class shares(Persons working in Nirmana Thozhil field are eligible), Rs.10,00,000 from 1,000 B class shares (Government and District co-Operative banks are eligible), Rs.4,00,000 from 20000 C class shares and Rs.5,00,000 from 10,000 D class shares (Persons not eligible for A class membership but residing in banks working area are eligible)

Future plan:

1. Start more branches in Malabar region subject to approval of Registrar of Co operative societies.
2. Computerise all our branches so as to make available the best service to our customers.
3. Procure Buiulding construction materials like sand, metal, steel, cement, granite, marble, kadappa stone, paint etc. and special materials required for construction of road, bridges, dams etc. from Kerala and outside Kerala and distribute/ sell among members.
4. Introduce Locker facilities at all branches.

Director Board

Ocheri Viswan
Vice President
Vijaya Kumari
Babu Kolangaredath